Fiberglass rovings, chopped strand

Owens Corning will unveil nine new products developed in partnership with its customers JEC Europe.

Owens Corning (Toledo, Ohio) will unveil nine new products developed in partnership with its customers JEC Europe.

Performax SE4849 Type 30 roving is designed for long fiber-reinforced thermoplastic polypropylene (LFT PP) used in hot-melt compounding, pultrusion, direct compounding processes, and continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic tapes. SE4849 enables faster compounding line speeds for improved efficiency and increased glass loadings in a variety of applications, with particular emphasis on the automotive market.

ME1510 EP multi-end roving is designed for epoxy sheet molding compound (SMC) structural composites in automotive applications. In combination with epoxy SMC systems, this new multi-end roving enables high mechanical performance. ME1510 features good impregnation and the ability to use up to 60 percent glass fiber content, providing significant weight reduction opportunities compared to steel.

WindStrand 2000, 3000, and 4000 Type 30 rovings and Ultrablade G3 and Triax fabrics offer enhanced performance to a variety of wind energy applications, aimed at supporting the foremost goal of turbine producers: reducing total energy production cost to drive wind power to parity with other energy sources. The new WindStrand roving solutions feature optimized design, high performance and ultimate reliability. Together, these attributes are said to enable the production of longer and up to 6 percent lighter turbine blades. In addition, the new Ultrablade fabrics support industry demands for longer blades (up to 20 percent longer) – on shore and off shore – and in low-wind areas.

WUCS 9703 (wet-use chopped strand) products enable improved wet web strength and efficient veil manufacturing to support carpet tile, cushion/luxury vinyl flooring, and asphalt roofing shingle applications.

Advantex ME3060 is a multi-end chop roving for weaving fabrics, delivering enhanced performance for a number of end uses including a variety of industrial applications, underground tanks and pipes, wind turbines and marine products. ME3060 rovings are said to offer optimized resin consumption and blade life.