Irkut Corp. presents MS-21 to the public for the first time

The MS-21 passenger aircraft, featuring the world’s largest infused, out-of-autoclave composite wings, is on display at the Moscow International Aviation and Space Salon 2019.
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MS-21 infused carbon fiber composite wing

Source | Irkut Corp.


Irkut Corp. (as part of Russia's United Aircraft Corp., or UAC) presented the MS-21-300 passenger aircraft in public for the first time, at the Moscow International Aviation and Space Salon 2019 (MAKS-2019) on Aug. 27.

The MS-21 features the world’s largest infused, out-of-autoclave carbon fiber composite wings, which are manufactured by AeroComposit (Moscow, Russia). Learn more about the manufacture of these wings in CW’s past coverage of this technology: 

Also at MAKS-2019, Irkut Corp.’s FTV-1 aircraft is flying for the first time, and the Yak-130 combat trainer and Yak-152 trainer aircraft are also on display. Irkut Corp.’s Su-30SM multi-role fighter and Yak-130 training aircraft are being presented at the exposition of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Navy.

Learn more about infused composite structures in aircraft in “Large, high-volume, infused composite structures on the aerospace horizon,” which is featured in CW’s Next-Gen Aerospace special edition.

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