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INEOS Composites and Ashland after acquisition

INEOS Composites recently acquired the composites polymer business of Ashland, but Ashland’s adhesives business remains. See a breakdown of company products.


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INEOS Enterprises (Dublin, Ohio, U.S.) recently acquired Ashland’s composite polymers business, but Ashland Global Holdings Inc. (Columbus, Ohio, U.S.) still retains its adhesives business. 

To help clarify the transition, below is a summary of which products and services are available at each company.

INEOS Composites

INEOS Composites includes all aspects of Ashland’s composite polymers business. Its products include:

  • INEOS Composites logo
    epoxy vinyl ester resins under brand names AME, AROTRAN, DERAKANE, DERAKANE SIGNIA and HETRON;
  • fire-retardant materials under brand names HETRON and MODAR;
  • gelcoat products under brand names ENGUARD, INSTINT and MAXGUARD;
  • NEULON low-profile additive resins for composite systems requiring low/no shrink and high gloss and smooth surfaces; and
  • unsaturated polyester resins under brand names AROPOL, AROTRAN, ENVIREZ and POLARIS.


All adhesives-related businesses remain a part of Ashland. This includes pressure-sensitive adhesives for the label, tape and graphics markets, the laminating adhesives and coatings that sell into the flexible packaging market, as well as the structural assembly adhesives for transportation and building and construction markets.

Ashland logo

Ashland adhesives trade names include: Pliogrip, Pliobond, Isoset, Isogrip, Arofene, Aroset, Flexcryl, Arocure, Hybridur, Purelam, Purethane, Solvester, Fastcure, Pureseal, Purekote and Purerad adhesives and coating product lines.