Braided carbon fiber & resin transfer molding for complex composites

Hawthorn Composites, a division of SpinTech Holdings Inc., reviews case studies of its high-value complex composites parts developed by deploying low-cost materials with resin transfer molding and novel manufacturing methods.


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In this Digital Demo, Craig Jennings, CEO of SpinTech Holdings Inc. introduces Hawthorn Composites and the high-value complex composites parts that are developed by deploying low-cost materials with resin transfer molding and novel manufacturing methods. 

Tom Margraf, president of SpinTech Holdings Inc., reviews Hawthorn Composites case studies. One case study discusses a subscale munition fuselage that was originally assembled in three separate parts: a nose, a main body and a tail, using pre-preg and autoclave cures. Hawthorn’s methodology uses Smart Tooling overbraiding RTM to manufacture the component as one structural element. Other case studies include the comparison of a pre-preg autoclave cure versus braided sleeving and resin infusion process of manufacturing a UAV inlet duct and co-curing a tactical UAV-size wing.

co-cured wing structure
Photo Credit: Smart Tooling


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