Rize debuts RIZE 2XC, adaptive workplace 3D printer

In addition to meeting supply chain flexibility, the desktop composite 3D printer offers a safe and sustainable materials portfolio.


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Rize adaptive 3D composites printer

Source | Rize Inc.

Next-generation additive manufacturing company Rize Inc. (Concord, Mass., U.S.) announced on June 25 the debut of the Rize 2XC, a professional desktop composite 3D printer. The printer represents the first deliverable of the Rizium Alliance, a collaboration between multifunction printer and 3D printer manufacturer Sindoh Co. Ltd. (Seoul, South Korea) and Rize to drive safety, efficiency and sustainability in 3D printing.

Rize 2XC employs a dual-extrusion system 3D printer unit from Sindoh (029530.KS), which Rize says has been redesigned to run the company’s Rizium engineering-grade materials portfolio. Compared to other filament-based 3D printers, the company notes its materials are zero emissions, recyclable, moisture-resistant and require minimal post-processing.

Further, the printer unit has two independent extruders that are specifically designed for hardened materials and composite filaments. One extruder runs Rize’s portfolio of Rizium composites and polymers that are moisture- and chemical-resistant, and easily sanitized with soap and water. The other extruder runs Rizium Support, a support removal material technology designed for filament-based extrusion systems, enabling post-processing without requiring additional chemicals.

In addition to its affordability and ability to create strong, durable and fully functional components, Rize points to the Rize X2C’s ability to meet post-pandemic business demands for greater supply chain flexibility. Users can locate Rize 2XC printers adaptively at home, in offices or anywhere, for a more safe and efficient workflow process.  

The Rize 2XC expands the company’s current portfolio of printers which includes the Rize One monochrome multimaterial desktop 3D printer, and the XRize full-color, multi-material desktop 3D printer. Rize notes that Rize One is the world’s first and only UL 2904 GreenGuard certified 3D printer for safety and low emissions.

The Rize 2XC has an introductory price of $3,995 in the U.S. market and €3,995 in Europe.