Creative Pultrusions forms Creative Composites Group for enhanced FRP solution offerings

CCG is the umbrella entity for the U.S.-based composite companies that are now part of Hill and Smith, with the dedication to provide flexible engineered composite system capabilities for major infrastructure markets.


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Tahoe FRP bridge.

Tahoe FRP bridge. Photo Credit: Composites Advantage

It was reported on Feb. 18 that Creative Pultrusions Inc. (Pleasantville, Penn., U.S.) a subsidiary of Hill and Smith Holdings PLC (West Midlands, U.K.), has formed Creative Composites Group (CCG, Alum Bank, Penn., U.S.). The new organization combines the fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite products, manufacturing capabilities, field installation experience and engineering strengths of E.T. Techtonics (Alum Bank), Kenway Composites (Augusta, Maine, U.S.), Tower Tech (Oklahoma City, Okla., U.S.) and Composite Advantage (Dayton, Ohio, U.S.).

“It’s been my goal for a number of years to bring these companies together,” says Shane Weyant, chief executive officer and president of Creative Pultrusions. “With these shared resources we now have the technologies, skills sets and experience to develop FRP components or structures of almost any size or shape. We also have the flexibility and depth to value-engineer the most economic, efficient composite solution for our customers. Whether the product dictates pultrusion, vacuum infusion, hand layup or filament winding, we can tailor the right technology to a customer’s application. Or create something that’s never been done before.”

CCG is the umbrella entity for the U.S.-based composite companies that are now part of Hill and Smith. While such a shift could seem unsettling, Weyant is quick to point out that customers will continue to work with the same experienced people they have always collaborated with. “The difference,” he says, “is that CCG has moved from a commodity-driven business model to a solutions-based platform. We aren’t just competing against traditional materials like steel, wood or concrete. We are providing value-engineered solutions that are corrosion resistant, lighter weight, have a longer life cycle and are higher strength.”

The new organization will target access structures, bridge decking, industrial corrosion, mass transit, standard structural products, utilities, waterfront infrastructure, OEM and custom products markets along with Tower Tech cooling towers. “Our business model also gives us the versatility to expand by acquiring other companies in the future with skill sets that enhance or add to our capabilities,” says Weyant.

Creative Composites Group (CCG) says it supplies innovative FRP products for major infrastructure markets. The Group’s combined team of engineers and technicians have been developing lightweight, durable, cost-effective FRP goods for structurally demanding applications and corrosive environments for more than 50 years. According to the Group, many of these products have paved the way for first-time use of FRP composites in infrastructure, rail and water applications because of their high-performance attributes.