Filament Winding

Composite T-boom accelerates industrial automation

A manufacturing method that integrates filament winding with axil winding of 0-degree fibers opens new design options in industrial automated equipment.


Corrosion-resistant composite piping over the long haul

Three decades of lessons learned using corrosion-resistant glass fiber-reinforced composites in piping at SABIC’s Netherlands chlorine production plant.


Composites enable novel flying speedboat

Candela Boats’ Seven speedboat combines all-electric propulsion with precision foiling in a design made possible by creative composites engineering.


Demand for longer sprayer boom arms enables composites in agricultural equipment

Shift from steel to carbon fiber/glass fiber composites extends sprayer boom arm width, lowers weight, reduces cost and enhances productivity.

Mass Transit

Recycled carbon fiber on the rails

Aiming to increase the cost-weight viability of carbon fiber-reinforced composite structural components in railway vehicles, a prototype rail bogie prominently features recycled carbon fiber.

Carbon Fibers

3D filament winding enables vehicle seating concept

Multi-company collaboration uses xFK in 3D and additive manufacturing to develop an ultra-lightweight seat for hypercars and future mobility platforms.


Tuning the running shoe

Continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites enable high-performance athletic shoe components.


Composite catamaran hits high watermarks

Inspired by design elements found in racing catamarans and employing composite structures in innovative ways, Compmillennia has rolled out a fishing/excursion cat that uniquely combines high speed, great fuel economy and a smooth ride.

Carbon Fibers

Consumer electronics: hybrid composite covers

Study demonstrates feasibility of thermoplastic composites, high-speed production process.


Thermoplastic primary aerostructures take another step forward

Employing new manufacturing techniques and the design freedom they create, GKN Fokker has joined forces with Gulfstream to assess thermoplastic composites for primary aircraft structures.


Chopped carbon fiber, polyamide and innovation redefine the modern pickup truck bed

CarbonPro, the first thermoplastic composite box, boosts damage resistance, reduces mass 28 kg, scales to high production volumes.


Autocomposites: Impact shield protects 12-volt battery in severe crash

GMT protection buys time for offboarding emergency services call before battery shorts out.


Skeleton design enables more competitive composite autostructures

New approach combines thermoplastic pultrusions with injection overmolding in a two-step, 75-second process.


Micro transportation: BMW personal mover concept

Recycled composites, additive manufacturing and 3D printing enhance form, function of fun-to-drive personal transport.


Proving performance in EV powertrains

Simulation-driven development replaces aluminum with thermoplastic composites in gearbox housing.


CFRP module saves weight on rocket design

Taking advantage of carbon fiber/PEEK mechanical and thermal performance, the Technical University of Munich replaces an aluminum rocket module with a 40+% lighter composite alternative.


Hybrid thermoplastics give load floor impact strength

Project leads to development of new compression process for selective application of D-LFT on UD tape laminates.

Carbon Fibers

Pushing EVs forward

Multifunctional chassis design and novel composites processes enable lighter, longer-range, safer electric vehicles.


Composite container protects satellites — on the ground

Cored composites add the strength, smoothness and portability needed for a container built to ship satellites over air, land and water.

Carbon Fibers

Heatshield for Extreme Entry Environment Technology (HEEET): A broader mission

3D woven fabric enables scalable, tailorable heatshield that cuts cost, boosts performance for future spacecraft.


Composites perform water rescue in high-speed rail tunnel

Channeling out the great quantities of water that flow into Spain’s Pajares railway tunnels in the Cantabria Mountain range required an award-winning composites innovation.


Low weight on the high seas

A new, award-winning composite shipbuilding material saves fuel, increases car shipping capacity.


Wood/carbon composites for architecture

Innovative organic architecture enabled with wood/carbon laminates, software tools.


Composites-intensive folding bike: Simplifying multi-modal transportation

The world’s lightest folding bike relies on CFRP for high stiffness and strength at low weight.