Modular composite tank kits

This fluid-storage tank component supplier employs Europe’s largest reusable vacuum bag


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In 2013, Toro Wastewater Equipment Industries (Valladolid, Spain) made the decision to incorporate composites into the manufacture of its newest patented product, the trademarked W-Tank. An all-composite modular storage tank available in multiple sizes, W-Tank is delivered to customers as a kit of slightly curved panels that can be readily assembled and mechanically fastened together on site. 

Toro turned to Magnum Venus Products (MVP, Kent, WA, US) and its distributor in Spain, MVP-España. MVP’s resin transfer molding (RTM)/infusion technical specialist Charles Tur helped the company develop a complete and efficient resin infusion process for the large panels the tank kits would require. MVP supplied its Flex Molding Process, which incorporates an integrated resin injection system and accessories, together with a method for custom-building a reusable silicone membrane, which would allow Toro to avoid the use of consumable vacuum-bagging materials while still minimizing VOC release into its shop. 

Using MVP’s Patriot Duo 1:1 two-part silicone system spray applicator, which is part of the Flex Molding Process package, a strong, thin silicone membrane was built up by spraying a series of thin silicone films on Toro’s existing panel mold, with an embedded technical cloth reinforcement (MVP calls it Flex-Cloth) in the center. The addition of Flex-Cloth cuts finished weight (less silicone is needed) and extends bag useful life by reducing silicone’s tendency to stretch over time, allowing it to better maintain its shape. Toro Equipment was able to construct its first reusable membrane in one day, and start production with it the next day, for W-Tank panel parts 8m by 3m in size.

That success prompted the company to once again contact MVP to see if it could take on a larger challenge: a 12m by 3m (36m2) part, using a larger reusable silicone membrane. MVP teamed with Toro Equipment to manufacture the larger membrane, which is only 3 mm thick. Without the technical cloth incorporated into the membrane, a thickness of 5 mm would have been necessary, making the membrane significantly heavier, and approximately 40% more expensive.

The new membrane is now in production for larger W-Tank side panels shipped to customers who fabricate tanks for a wide range of fluid storage applications. 

See a YouTube video about Toro Wastewater Equipment Industries and the parts they produce | https://www.youtube.com/user/Torowastewater.