CAMX 2017 exhibit preview

ACMA and SAMPE’s fourth CAMX will be the largest composites trade show in the composites industry’s largest market. Held in Orlando, FL, this year, it promises an even more robust exhibition and conference program.   


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Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

There’s a lot of wisdom in that old saying. And its words could not be any more true than when anticipating a trip to an industry trade show. 

With that in mind, the editors at CompositesWorld conceived of the CAMX Exhibit Preview, four years ago, as a means to help its readers anticipate in a knowledgeable way, what might be awaiting them when they stepped onto the CAMX show floor. 

At the time, CAMX was “the new show.” CW was also new, in a way — High-Performance Composites and Composites Technology magazines, its predecessors, were about to be melded into CompositesWorld magazine (January 2015). The industry was evolving. The world was discovering composites at an accelerating pace. The term disruptive in connection with technology — and especially in connection with composites — was bandied about by people with Ph.Ds. It was a time ripe for change.

Our CAMX Exhibit Preview was born out of such a time, and things are no different today. Those who have advance knowledge, who have a peek at the disruptive technologies that are coming down the pike — and they are coming — have the advantage on their competition. With that in mind, we offer up, once again, this taste of what’s to come.

As in past years, CW polled CAMX exhibitors this year to get a sense of what visitors to the show might find when they walk the aisles on the expansive Orange County Convention Center exhibition floor. We have a special section dedicated to CAMX on our Web site, which includes an exclusive first look at what a select list of those exhibitors plan to offer on the show floor. 

You can find out more about many of these companies by checking out their listings at the online SourceBook, CompositesWorld’s composites industry supplier directory (www.compositesworld.com/suppliers). Also, the CAMX Web site offers the MyCAMX Planner, a tool that helps you see and evaluate the conference and trade show offerings available, and then organize each day to help make sure you see the exhibitors that interest you most. You can use MyCAMX Planner to conduct searches, communicate with exhibitors, make appointments with exhibitors and tag presentations. You can then link this data with the CAMX app on your mobile device to keep your schedule close at hand during the show.

One final note: We’ve included booth locations with many of the previews, but such things can change. For updates on logistical information, not to mention a complete list of CAMX exhibitors, the CAMX conference schedule, Orlando lodging information and — last but, of course, not least — to register for show attendance, visit the CAMX Web site | thecamx.org.


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