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Exact Metrology Raytech Measuring Tables meets standard machine needs

Shop floor dimensional measuring machines are offered as a single- or three-axis table for cutting, bending, punching, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, drilling or tapping.


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Exact Metrology single-axis table

Single-axis table. All photo credit: Exact Metrology

Exact Metrology (Brookfield, Wis., U.S.) is now selling Raytech Measuring Systems, shop floor dimensional measuring machines for industrial manufacturers. Offered as a single- or three-axis table, Exact Metrology meets standard machine needs for cutting, bending, punching, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, drilling or tapping. Custom machines are also available.

Ideal for checking flat sheets with straight edges and square corners, the single-axis table features reduced setup time for production machines, reduced scrap rates and reduced backlog of parts for inspection. Integrated SPC software ensures quality tracking and reporting, reduces operator-to-operator variation, offers long-term durability and simple operation. A squareness gage enables users to check sheets for perpendicularity of the edges or edge camber, while diagonal blocks can be used to check corner-to-corner squareness on sheets.

All single-axis tables come standard with interchangeable probe tips. Heidenhain readouts and scales used on the single-axis tables are designed for use on machine tools and are said to be well suited for use on shop floor gages; for example, an edge lift gage allows users to edge waves in sheets.

Raytech three-axis table.

Three-axis table.

Exact Metrology recommends the three-axis table when parts are more intricate or bulkier than flat sheets. It is suitable for checking laser and waterjet cut parts, sheet metal parts with many features and parts that are bent and formed. Features include flexible metrology software, sealed Heidenhain encoders, low-maintenance linear bearings and a versatile Renishaw touch probe. An ability to integrate with SPC software for quality tracking and reporting reduces operator error.

As with the single-axis table, Exact Metrology says the system offers long-term durability and simple operation. Other features include a Renishaw indexing probe for flexible probing and reduced operator-to-operator inconsistency. It also includes a standard readout system with a durable color touch screen, serial output for SPC, multiple points of error correction and multiple point feature measurements. The PC-based system allows for full capability, plus additional reporting capabilities, and greater program storage capacity.