RAMPF offers lightweight construction with high-performance epoxy board and liquid materials

Raku Tool epoxy boards, gelcoats, laminating resins and infusion and RTM systems offered, with encompassing technical support.


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Raku Tool epoxy boards.

Photo Credit: RAMPF Tooling Solutions

It was reported on April 6 that RAMPF Tooling Solutions (Grafenberg, Germany) and its partner Gusstech (Kraków, Poland) is providing customers with high-performance epoxy board and liquid materials as well as encompassing technical support for cutting-edge composites construction. Together, the companies say they holistic composites expertise from a single source for the Polish market.

RAMPF Tooling Solutions’s high-performance Raku Tool epoxy boards are for mold, layup tool production and direct tooling. Dimensionally stable and exhibiting a linear coefficient of thermal expansion over a temperature range of 110ºC – 200ºC, the epoxy boards are easy to mill, with very little dust and no isostatic chips. Adhesives that are specially matched to the boards are available for bonding.

For example, RAMPF says one of the many standout products in this line is the Raku Tool WB-0890 epoxy board. Its fine surface structure is said to significantly reduces both finishing and the amount of sealer that has to be used. Furthermore, the surface finish can be transferred from the master model to the prepreg mold, so that no re-sanding of the mold is required. Service life of the prepreg molds is said to be significantly increased. With a glass transition temperature (Tg)  of 110°C, Raku Tool WB-0890 is also easy and quick to machine and compatible with all industry-standard paints, release agents and epoxy prepregs.

RAMPF Tooling Solutions also develops and produces liquid materials for various composites manufacturing techniques, build-up methods and applications. These include

  • Gelcoats: Easy-to-apply, sandable, abrasion, chemical, styrene-resistant and polishable versions available, with fabric protection and a high temperature resistance up to 190°C.
  • Laminating resins: Offer good wetting properties for easy application, good strength after room-temperature cure (no brittleness), easy demolding of parts without distortion and are solvent-free.
  • Infusion and RTM systems: Good flow properties under vacuum when building larger parts, long fluid lines possible, minimizing of pin holes, good strength after room-temperature cure (no brittleness), easy demolding of parts without distortion, long pot life (process safety), solvent-free and offered in a wide temperature resistance range (75-170°C).

“Our team of tooling experts look back on more than 20 successful years in the model and mold industry in Poland,” says Artur Wojcik, CEO of Gusstech. “By working together with leading national and international machinery and material suppliers, we offer our customers professional advice, customer-specific service and encompassing technical support for their projects. Lightweight construction with composites has rapidly gained in popularity, and Raku Tool products from RAMPF Tooling Solutions are the number-one brand on the market. The high-performance epoxy materials are unbeatable in terms of performance and quality. We look forward to working together with our customers on many more exciting lightweight projects using these innovative materials.”


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