Potez Aeronautique develops composite doors for Alice aircraft

Potez will supply a set of main passenger access doors, baggage doors and emergency doors, due for delivery in the first quarter of 2021, and ahead of the aircraft’s first flight.


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Eviation Aircraft's all-electric Alice rendering

Photo Credit: Eviation Aircraft

Eviation Aircraft (Qadima, Israel) has selected Potez Aeronautique (Aire-sur-l'Adour, France) to design and develop the carbon fiber doors of Alice, an all-electric regional aircraft launched by Eviation. 

According to Potez, this is the first door design and build contract consisting of carbon fiber, and comes just as the company has acquired a production facility specializing in composite materials for aerostructures and aircraft cabin components, now operating as Potez Composites.

“We selected Potez Aeronautique from a very competitive pool of companies because of its excellent design, expertise, talented individuals and passion for taking on a challenge in the name of innovation,” says Omer Bar- Yohay, co-founder and CEO of Eviation. “These doors will be created with the best of lightweight carbon fiber materials, paving the way in how we build and design aircraft as we know it.” Ninety five percent of the aircraft is made using composite materials, including a carbon fiber composite fuselagecarbon fiber blades and composite wings from other previous partnerships.

The contract, which started in July, sets in motion the collaboration between Potez Aeronautique and Eviation to supply a set of main passenger access doors, baggage doors and emergency doors. These doors will be due for delivery in the first quarter of 2021, ahead of the aircraft’s first flight. This new program reportedly reinforces Potez's declared mission to become a world-class manufacturer of complex aerostructure assemblies and one of the world’s leading and established specialists in design and build work packages for aircraft doors.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity and challenge for Potez as we are tasked with developing and producing aircraft doors within a timescale never achieved before,” says Antoine Potez, Potez Aeronautique’s CEO. “As innovation is a part of our very DNA, it is an honor and pleasure for our organization to contribute to Eviation’s success and to be a part of developing the aircraft of tomorrow.”


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