European Alliance SMC BMC 2022 Design Award competition is open for projects

International design competition seeks European design students and young design professionals with novel ideas and solutions using SMC and BMC advanced materials.
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SMC BMC Design Award 2022

Photo Credit: European Alliance for SMC BMC

The European Alliance for SMC BMC (Brussels, Belgium) is now launching its SMC BMC Design Award 2022, the 3rd edition of its design competition which seeks ideas and proposals for the use of sheet molding compound (SMC) and bulk molding compound (BMC) advanced materials. 

“We would like to reinforce that SMC and BMC materials are innovative, cost- effective and sustainable, bringing major benefits for consumers and end-users,” says Joan Montobbio, chairman of the Alliance Board. “The Alliance will support the winners in fine-tuning designs, improving part manufacturability and business plans, and want to help them to bring their innovations to market.”

This year’s topic is Sustainable Living. “We would like the design students to think on how to improve quality of life and reduce the environmental footprint at the same time,” explains Thomas Wegman, marketing lead for the Alliance. “We believe young designers can help to create novel products and solutions for our living environment, with the challenge to keep us healthy, use less space and minimize energy consumption.”

The SMC BMC Design Award 2022 is open for design students and young design professionals (less than three years of experience) living in Europe. Innovations entered into the SMC BMC Design Award will be judged by an independent jury with expert members from both the design community and the composites industry.

Award prizes are as follows: Total amount is €17,500, including a Gold Award (€7,500 in cash and €7,500 in coaching); Silver Award (€1,500); and Bronze Award (€1,000).

Project teams may be pre-registered here. Pre-registration closes on July 1st, 2021. Projects must be submitted before Dec. 15th, 2021. The final Award ceremony is planned for March 2022.


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