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3/14/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Boeing and SAMPE announce strategic partnership

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The partnership is meant to promote leading-edge materials technology and access to professional development and growth opportunities for Boeing engineers.


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The Boeing Company (Chicago, Ill., U.S.) and The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE, Diamond Bar, Calif., U.S.) announce a partnership to promote expansion of the leading-edge application of advancements in materials technologies and processes enabled by the support of professional development and growth for the engineering community.

According to SAMPE, the industry is experiencing rapid technology growth in the areas of additive manufacturing, modeling, nanomaterials, recycling and composites. Access to entry-level professionals that can help drive the momentum, as well as ensuring that Boeing engineers have exposure to the latest “leading-edge” materials and process engineering technology is necessary to drive expertise, innovation and expansion, SAMPE says.

SAMPE is a global professional member society that provides enhanced educational opportunities by delivering information on new and advanced materials and processing technology. SAMPE provides growth and educational opportunities via conferences, exhibitions, technical forums, and publications. As the only technical society encompassing all fields of endeavor in materials and processes, SAMPE provides a unique and valuable forum for scientists, engineers, and academicians. SAMPE North America is a regional subsidiary of SAMPE that serves Canada, Mexico and the United States.

“Boeing is proud of its history and ongoing commitment to leadership in the development of the advanced materials and processes community. This collaboration furthers those commitments by creating new opportunities for Boeing’s engineers to engage in SAMPE-produced activities,” says Tia Benson Tolle, director, materials and fabrication and SAMPE executive sponsor for The Boeing Company.

“SAMPE is excited to launch this new initiative with a company that continues to make significant contributions to the materials and process community,” says Gregg Balko, SAMPE’s CEO. “This relationship fits perfectly within our mission to educate and inform both those engineers currently working and those who are about to enter the workforce.”


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