Axiom Materials CerFace AX-8810 surface film improves outer finish of CMC components

Surface film protects exposed fibers and minimizes surface roughness of CMC components for operating temperatures of up to 1,093ºC.

WSU-NIAR receives $13.5 million from Air Force for advanced composites research

Additional funding extends NIAR’s Modeling for Affordable, Sustainable Composites (MASC) research program, which will develop technologies to optimize digital twin data.


Clean Sky 2 announces program updates

Clean Sky 2 highlights several ongoing and recently completed composites-related projects including a small aircraft ground cabin demo, simulation tools and a CMC inter turbine duct. 

Free Form Fibers' $2.5 million financing round scales up composites production

The next step is to bring high-performance fibers and powder materials to market for advanced applications, such as CMC.


WSU-NIAR awarded $13.5 million for high-speed missile materials research

Partnership with Spirit AeroSystems will develop manufacturing processes and material characterization for advanced composites for future thermal protection systems.

Axiom Materials expands CMC product portfolio under technology license

Axiom’s expansion into c/SiC and SiC/SiC composite intermediates is licensed under the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), NITE and more.


3M launches high-temperature, oxidation-stable Nextel ceramic fabric

Nextel 610 DF-13-4500 ceramic fabric allows ceramic composites to compete with metal components, with comparable performance and reduced cost.


Axiom Materials opens High-temperature Composite Center

The 3,500-square-meter facility expands the U.S.-based company’s CMC production capabilities to support increasing demand in aerospace and industrial applications.


Pratt & Whitney to open ceramic matrix composites facility

The 60,000-square-foot R&D facility in Carlsbad, Calif., U.S. will focus on the design, development and production of CMCs for aerospace applications.

Compression Molding

A new definition of composites?

Nucleation and control of crystallinity plus aspect ratio creates new plastic and ceramic composites with tailored performance.


Magnetic 3D printing the next generation of tailored composites

Fortify uses magnetic fields and digital light processing to produce tailored microstructures for high-resolution, 3D printed composite parts — and enables the next generation of multiscale, multifunctional composite metamaterials.


Nanomaterials: Products, supply chain mature for next-gen composites

Development spans 3D and thermoplastic nanocomposites, nano-CMCs for hypersonics and nanomaterials safety and toxicity.


DLR selects MultiMech for crack prediction in CMC components

The German Aerospace Center has selected MultiMechanics’ modeling and simulation software to perform advanced crack prediction during the manufacturing of ceramic matrix composite components.


Fusing waterjet, laser for efficiency in CFRP/CMC machining

Laser MicroJet technology offers high accuracy and speed without heat issues, burring or replacement of cutting tools.


L&L Special Furnace Co. unveils retort furnace for de-bindering ceramic composites

The company is customizing a large retort box furnace for de-bindering ceramic matrix composite (CMC) prepreg materials.


CAMX 2018 preview: IKONICS

IKONICS Advanced Materials Solutions (Deluth, MN, US) is showcasing its Precision Abrasive Machining (PAM), a non-traditional machining process.

Carbon Fibers

AMRC to add ultrasonic assisted machine tool

New composite machine tool will be the first of its size to be fitted with an ultrasonic-capable spindle for use in five-axis machining applications.


GE Aviation delivers 25,000th CMC component

The Asheville, NC, US facility has reached a production milestone for its ceramic matrix composites components for commercial aviation.


How the CMC process works

GE Aviation releases video walking through their complete process chain for ceramic matrix composites.

CW's top 10 digital content of 2017

CW’s first list of 2018 is a simple one: The top 10 most viewed articles on the CompositesWorld website in 2017.


GE Aviations opens CMC facility in Alabama

The $200 million facility will manufacture silicon carbide (SiC) materials used to manufacture ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), for GE and LEAP aircraft engines.

Episode 8: Ryan Huth, GE Aviation

Ryan Huth, manager of ceramic matrix composites (CMC) production at GE Aviation’s Asheville, NC facility, talks about CMC technology, GE Aviation's CMC parts production and the future of both.

Carbon Fibers

GE starts GE9X certification testing

As the second GE9X engine begins testing at the Peebles Test Operation (PTO) in Ohio, assembly of the third and fourth GE9X engines is well underway at GE Aviation’s headquarters in Evendale, Ohio.

Vertically integrated CMC supply chain

GE Aviation's new ceramic matrix composite supply chain includes fiber, prepreg and unprecedented parts production facilities, plus a strongly tied 4-bump development stream.

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