Connora Technologies makes epoxy truly recyclable

Recyclamine hardener turns thermoset to thermoplastic and offers ability to design composites to be recyclable from the start.
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Siempelkamp to supply innovative press to Open Hybrid Lab Factory

The 2,500-tonne press, to be installed at Wolfsburg, Germany, will be designed to form multiple materials, including composite/metal hybrids.
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SPE ACCE 2014 report

Automotive composites still on the horizon — are they getting closer?
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Carbon Fibers

Chomarat opens new C-PLY, C-WEAVE facility in South Carolina

New 58,000-ft2 plant in S.C. targets high-quality, high-performance solutions for aerospace and automotive applications.
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Glass Fibers

Automotive composites: A bit of deja vu?

CT columnist Dale Brosius, a consultant and the president of Dayton, Ohio-based Quickstep Composites, recalls predictions made back in the 1980s about autocomposites — predictions that are yet to be fulfilled.
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Leichtbau ist hybridbau

Integrating multiple materials and functions for lightweight construction in the German automotive industry.
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BMW Leipzig: The epicenter of i3 production

A glimpse into the inner workings of an automaker at the forefront of serial-production autocomposites.
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Carbon landing gear leg cushions UAV landing

Using its Lost Core Resin Transfer Molding (LCRTM) system, Wichita, Kan.-based Fiber Dynamics Inc. manufactured the main landing gear strut for the Predator B MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle.
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License to speed for composites manufacturing

RocTool pushes composites into new markets with its high-speed induction heating technology for molding.
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More from JEC: High-quality carbon fiber monocoques in two hours

Mubea Carbo Tech produces high-quality carbon fiber monocoques in increasingly larger volumes and lower cycle times, and now introduces all-CF wheels to save almost 30 lb per vehicle.
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