Engel to present pre-series production solutions at Composites Europe

In partnership with Schöfer, Engel has developed a pre-series manufacturing cell for the manufacture of thermoplastic fiber-reinforced components using the in-situ polymerization technology.
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Must-read: BMW 7 Series plant tour in Dingolfing, Germany

CW’s Ginger Gardiner toured the 7 series plant for a look at how 16 CFRP parts, each made by one of four technologies, are combined with aluminum and steel components to form what BMW engineers have dubbed the Carbon Core.


Innovation: Moving faster than ever

The rate of composites innovation is higher than I’ve ever seen, and the implications are significant.
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CAMX 2016 Show Report

The 3rd annual joint ACMA/SAMPE-sponsored trade event comes to Anaheim with an exhibition and conference program attractive to professionals across the composites world.
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3D knitting solves preforming cost, time

Disruptive digitized technology a dramatic step-change in near-net preform production for Dassault Falcon interior air duct.
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Is the BMW 7 Series the future of autocomposites?

BMW AG's Dingolfing, Germany, auto manufacturing facility is well known for churning out a variety of car models and types, and the 7 Series is among them, famous for its steel/aluminum/composites construction. Does this car represent the optimum of composites use in vehiicles? This plant tour of the Dingolfing plant looks at how composites on the 7 Series come together.
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Carbon Fibers

BMW 7 Series Plant: Dingolfing, Germany

Via four different manufacturing methods, CFRP goes mainstream in automated multi-material BIW and assembly operations at BMW’s busiest plant.
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Huntsman researching opportunities for graphene-enhanced nanocomposites

The company is working on incorporating graphene into its Araldite epoxy resins.
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Sandwich structure makes hangars possible

Greek company Dasyc has developed the high-strength Composite Modular Transportable Hangar (CMTH), which uses interlocked composite sandwich panels to ease assembly and disassembly.
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Huntsman, Acciona collaborate on all-composite lighthouse

The first-ever all-composite lighthouse is now installed at the port of Valencia in Spain.
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