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Published: 5/28/2020

Coriolis Composites and Edixia develop inline inspection for AFP
Video and discussion of how the sensor and software operate to boost composites productivity

Published: 5/26/2020

Hyperjoint: additive metal + composites = stronger, tougher joints
Eliminates drilling holes with lap shear 60% higher than bolted joints and almost twice that of bonded joints.

Published: 5/22/2020

Plant tour: Hexcel, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.
The scale, precision, speed and quality of carbon fiber manufacture has evolved substantially since the material’s modern introduction in the late 1960s. Hexcel offers a glimpse of the state of the art today.

Published: 5/13/2020

Revolutionizing the composites cost paradigm, Part 2: Forming
Boeing-led parts trials explore infusion, compression molding and thermoplastics, offering lessons and supply chain options to better compete with aluminum.

Published: 5/8/2020

RAPM development with PtFS
Boeing-led program explores rapid part cycles using automated, 180-channel thermal control molding cell for infusion, thermoset prepreg and thermoplastic composites.

Published: 5/6/2020

Novel prepreg for compression molding in RAPM
Solvay and Boeing combine aerospace performance with process knowledge for high-rate, low-cost composites production.

Published: 4/27/2020

Tooling, precision enable composites in satellite subsystems
Tight tolerances drive design and engineering of large-format composite component and dishes to create unique satellite structures.

Published: 4/9/2020

CETMA: composites R&D and innovation in Italy
From design and simulation to inline inspection, induction welding, continuous compression molding and recycled carbon fiber, this lab to support industry is advancing composites in aerospace, automotive, construction and more.

Published: 3/31/2020

Composites in the race to space
Advanced materials use in current and upcoming NASA missions.

Published: 3/26/2020

Kanfit coping with COVID-19 and managing growth using Composites 4.0 systems
Bluetooth sensors and AI track parts and tools, save time and suggest production line improvements.