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Robert D. Sweet, Jr. 1937-2018
In memorium of Bob Sweet, founder of Creative Pultrusions Inc.


House Subcommittee on Research and Technology discusses composite materials
The goal of the hearing was to examine the role of composite materials in rebuilding US infrastructure and discuss the value of developing standards for composite materials.

Composite fendering piles fit the bill
Composites replace wood in New Jersey marine fender project.

Pultrusions growing in construction: new EPTA report

Pultrusions growing in construction: new EPTA report
There’s a new report out from EPTA (European Pultrusion Technology Assn., Frankfurt am Main, Germany) that discusses new trends for pultrusion in building and construction.

How have composite bridges measured up?

How have composite bridges measured up?
The latest US highway bill includes a provision to assess performance of composite bridges built years ago, bridges that CW wrote about.

Composites upgrade marine infrastructure
All-composite docks best concrete in cost and time and aim toward future fastener-less construction for greater savings and sustainability.

Mass reduction for mass appeal: FRPs and CMCs in RVs
Composites save weight, speed assembly, improve aesthetics and diminish warranty service and promote sales.

MFG sidebar 1

On the waterfront: Composite marine piles build on success
Composite sheet pile competes against heavy-gauge steel while composite round piles enhance their position in the market and target wider acceptance in structural applications.  

AEP CCS system

The markets: Corrosion resistance (2011)
Composites continue to provide a superior alternative to metals in corrosive environments. Two standout applications are scrubbers and chimneys in coal-burning plants and cured-in-place-pipe for subterranean water and wastewater management systems.

The Dome Home from Domes International

Standing Up to Natural Disasters
Composites are answering the call for residential and commercial structures that can weather future "perfect storms."

ZellComp's Second Installation

New Bridge Deck Bests Early FRP Systems
Mechanically fastened, two-piece composite deck system addresses challenges inherent in previous fiber-reinforced polymer deck designs, lowering cost, speeding installation and reducing maintenance.

The 9th installment of this international meeting of pultruders testified to this sector’s increasingly scientific approach to product development.

Engineering Insights: All-Composite Hovercraft Rises to Performance Challenge
An exclusive look at a lightweight pultruded and resin-infused design that sets a new standard for amphibious craft.

Prodeck 4 profile

Pultruded Composites Span Infrastructure Gaps
Pre-engineered deck and superstructure systems are finding their niche in many locations around the world.

Strain levels for a GIGA Trailer

Fuel Economy Drives Big Rig Composites
A variety of materials and processing methods are lightweighting and economizing trucks and trailers in the commercial freight arena.

Composite power poles

Composites on the Line
Electric utilities are ripe for conversion from wood power poles and cross-arms and steel-cored conductive cables to composite constructions, but most must still be persuaded.

Sea Wall

User-friendly resins expanding composites' reach
Novel niche formulas enable composites breakthroughs for new market applications, traditional material replacement.

Composite sheet piling system

Pultruded composite sheet piling replace degraded wood pilings
Creative Pultrusions Inc. has developed a tough composite sheet piling system that is lighter in weight and more corrosion resistant and environmentally stable than wood, concrete or steel piling material.

The Greene County bridge is instrumented for live load testing with an array of strain gauges.

How Are Composite Bridges Performing?
Ongoing monitoring and inspection demonstrates that composite bridge decks meet or exceed expectations.

Grating Strongwell.jpg

Petrobras Pioneers Topside Composites
    Petrobras (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) was the first major oil company to experiment with molded gratings in the 1980s, though these early products proved unsatisfactory due to wide variations in mechanical properties. However, advances in pultrusion and filament winding technology coupled with the availability of

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