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AFRL evaluates braiding, SMP tooling and VARTM for lower-cost future engine inlet ducts

AFRL evaluates braiding, SMP tooling and VARTM for lower-cost future engine inlet ducts
U.S. Air Force and Ohio-based composites team develop new process for S-shaped aerostructure.

Cost-effective aerocomposites: Dry fiber AFP and resin infusion

Cost-effective aerocomposites: Dry fiber AFP and resin infusion
Aurora Flight Sciences and NONA Composites aim to improve toughness, repeatable aerospace quality and affordability for large-scale NASA structures.

CW Ideas in Action
Ideas are just ideas until someone does the hard work of putting them into action and seeing results. CW's editors, therefore, inaugurate an annual review of Ideas in Action, celebrating a handful of hot concepts that could make those who conceived them "household names."

New low-cost, high-temp resins

New low-cost, high-temp resins
MG Resins offer a suite of properties and processing that could potentially revolutionize sectors of the composites industry.

CFRP camera boom enables safe spill inspection
NONA Composites’ 32m REACH structure meets tight remediation schedule at DoE radioactive waste storage site.

Composite tooling without oven or autoclave

Composite tooling without oven or autoclave
No Oven No Autoclave technology has been demonstrated in tooling for NASA, including multiple thermal cycles and use for curing epoxy infused out-of-autoclave parts.

CAMX 2014 exhibit previews, part 2
With CAMX 2014 less than a week away (Oct. 13-16, Orlando, Fla.), CompositesWorld offers a final glimpse of some of the products, technologies and services that you will find in booths in the Exhibit Hall. During the show, we'll keep you informed and up-to-date with the CAMX Show Daily, which will be distributed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the show. Safe travels to Orlando and we look forward to seeing you at the conference and trade show.

No-oven, No-autoclave (NONA)

No-oven, No-autoclave (NONA)
Room-temperature cure epoxy composites with a 400°F Tg, comparable properties vs. commercial systems without external heat or post-cure, and offering reduced cost and cycle time. Really?

SAMPE 2013 Long Beach new product showcase
The SAMPE 2013 trade show (May 6-9, in Long Beach, Calif.) was the venue for introductions of a large number of new composite materials, technologies and manufacturing processes. Here's the HPC editorial staff's compilation of what was on display.

SMPs: Reshaping old realities
Moving quickly from science fiction to science fact, shape-memory polymer composites show great potential in aerospace applications.

Shape shifters: The molecular basics
The key to SMP shape change is the fact that an SMP can exhibit a radical transformation from a rigid polymer to a malleable elastomer and back again.

SAMPE 2010 Seattle Showcase
SAMPE’s first-ever foray into Boeing Country wrapped up with the M&P organization’s biggest draw this decade.

Composites 2010 Product Showcase
The ACMA’s Las Vegas exhibition reflected an industry in recovery.

Isotruss bicycle

SAMPE 2009 Product Showcase
Showgoers at the SAMPE 2009 Conference and Exhibiton in Baltimore, Md. found many suppliers undeterred by poor economic news. 

Plane on ground

In-situ composite repair builds on basics
For on-aircraft repair, demand is on the rise for specialized composites training and expertise.

Rendering of "swarm" of MAVs

Composites enable micro air vehicle
 Real-time sensing capability makes slow-flight VTOL MAV a "man replacement."

"Softwall" Jet Engine Fan Containment Case Prototype

Structural health monitoring: Composites get smart
 New initiatives are mainstreaming real-time monitoring systems into composites on aircraft, wind blades and other critical performance structures.

SAMPE ’08 technology showcase
Billed as the world’s largest advanced materials trade event, SAMPE’s 2008 Symposium and Exhibition returned to Long Beach.

Microspheres: Fillers filled with possibilities
For composite applications, these hollow microstructures displace a lot of volume at low weight and add an abundance of processing and product enhancements.

Self-healing Composite Prototyped for NASA
At the recent SAMPE Conference and Exhibition (see “Related Content,” at left) Cornerstone Research Group’s (CRG, Dayton, Ohio) Reflexive composites were touted as a composite system that, according to CRG’s research and development engineer Thomas Margraf and chief engineer Ernie Havens, can detect and heal damage in


The changing shape of future aircraft
"Morphing" is no longer just for the birds.

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Autoclave cure
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Custom compounding and blending
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Hand layup
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Rotational molding
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Textile processing for composites (braiding, stitching,
Thermal analysis instruments
Thickness measuring equipment
Universal test frames
Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM)
Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM)