Huntsman Polyurethanes

Manufactures trademarked RIMLine polyurethane matrix resins for pultrusion, filament winding, resin infusion, RRIM, SRIM and low-density SRIM processing of composites in automotive, aerospace, construction, furniture, sporting goods and industrial applications.

2190 Executive Hills Blvd.
Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2947 US

Additional Locations:

Kuan Yin, TW
+886 348 3861 6

Everberg, BE
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Huntsman International LLC


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Huntsman booth CAMX 2017

A range of new products from Huntsman
Huntsman Advanced Materials used the 2017 CAMX show to showcase new products from its Advanced Materials and Huntsman Polyurethanes divisions, including advanced composite resin systems and adhesives.

SMC in transportation

SMC: Old dog, more tricks
In the sheet molding compound renaissance, the advent of new resins and compounds are broadening the definition and application of this versatile family of composites.

curve-capable pultrusion process

Curved pultrusion? No longer an oxymoron
Radius-Pultrusion process offers linear or curved profiles.

In praise of technical service reps
Tech service representatives: without them, molding trials fail and manufacturing issues go unresolved.

IACMI unveils nine-meter wind turbine blade
A large team of 11 industrial partners provided materials and on-site fabrication support for blade component manufacturing and assembly.

SPE’s Automotive Composites Conference Preview
Automotive composites continues to draw global audience to the Motor City in 2016.

carbon fiber, prepreg, epoxy prepreg, composites

The matrix
The matrix binds the fiber reinforcement, gives the composite component its shape and determines its surface quality. A composite matrix may be a polymer, ceramic, metal or carbon. Here’s a guide to selection.

Form + function = Classy chassis
Sandwich-composite chassis components double as structural and styling elements, reducing cost of ownership.

Smart Lightweighting at ACCE
I’m in Detroit, at the 2015 Society of Plastics Engineers’ (SPE) Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition (ACCE), co-chaired by our contributor Dale Brosius and organized by our contributor Peggy Malnati. And I’m seeing real composite cars, and real, in-production composite parts.

The matrix (2015)
The matrix binds the fiber reinforcement, gives the composite component its shape and determines its surface quality. A composite matrix may be a polymer, ceramic, metal or carbon. Here's a guide to selection.

Processing within the PUR cure window
Composite Spray Molding enables volume production of fiber-reinforced polyurethane sandwich structures for auto interiors. Are Class A exterior parts next?

Pultruding polyurethane: Sheet pilings break boundaries
High-pressure pultrusion process creates polyurethane composite sheet pile system with the strength and stiffness to compete with steel.

The evolution of infusion
As resin infusion continues to infiltrate composites, fabricators across the market spectrum drive materials and process developments in pursuit of process control.

Auto composites quest: One-minute cycle time?
Faced with high fuel prices and ever-more stringent restrictions on tailpipe emissions, automakers are taking composites into their own hands.

COMPOSITES 2012 Highlights
As ACMA’s annual conclave convened in North America’s gambling capital, show exhibitors and attendees placed their bets on better days.

A new "tunable" polyurethane could revolutionize composites
A novel polyurethane-based resin system with tailorable pot life and cure, from Huntsman Polyurethanes (Auburn Hills, Mich. and Everberg, Belgium) now permits composites manufacturers to tailor resin pot life and onset of cure to fit the processing requirements.

High-Performance Resins 2010 Highlights
Inaugural conference for the advanced resins research crowd updates formulators and processors on the latest developments.


Composites ride and support the rails
Increased ridership and heavier axle loads on rail systems around the world signal a potential boon for composites. 

The 9th installment of this international meeting of pultruders testified to this sector’s increasingly scientific approach to product development.


Waves Of Change: From Shock To Opportunity
Closing of Clark Foam opens surfboard industry to new technologies.

Sea Wall

User-friendly resins expanding composites' reach
Novel niche formulas enable composites breakthroughs for new market applications, traditional material replacement.

Product Categories of Huntsman Polyurethanes

  • Matrix resins, thermoset
    • Urethane