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rapidclave technology

Globe, UDRI announce Composites Technology Center
Composites Technology Center to support materials/process development and applications development/demonstration projects for multiple markets.

ACE Awards winner

CAMX 2016 Show Report
The 3rd annual joint ACMA/SAMPE-sponsored trade event comes to Anaheim with an exhibition and conference program attractive to professionals across the composites world.

Carbon Fiber 2014 Conference Report
Automation, alternative PAN precursor and carbon composites on commercial aircraft top the bill at December’s event on the US West Coast.

Sub-8-minute cycle times on carbon/epoxy prepreg
Globe’s Generation 2 RapidClave system passes another out-of-autoclave milestone.

Carbon Fiber 2013 Conference Report
Opportunities knock in Knoxville: CF 2013 featured nearly 30 speakers and almost 300 attendees, representing a wide range of participating industry, government and academic organizations.

JEC 2013 at first blush
CT Editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan risks some immediate reactions to his week in Paris at the JEC Europe 2013 composites trade show.

Market Outlook: Surplus in carbon fiber's future?
Participants at CW’s Carbon Fiber 2012 Conference see one coming as early as 2016.

Faster cycle, better surface: Out of the autoclave
GM is first automaker to use Class A CFRP parts from new pressure-press technology.


In new Corvette Stingray, another step forward for composites
Plasan Carbon Composites puts its "pressure press" process, developed with Globe Machine, to work in the manufacture of the hood and roof for the new 2014 Corvette Stingray, introduced last week at the Detroit Auto Show.

Waiting for $5/lb carbon fiber?
HPC editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan suggests we say goodbye to $5/lb carbon fiber and expect that composites will earn their way onto autos by saving drivers money.

2012 SPE ACCE preview
The Society’s Automotive and Composites Divisions expand the program to match auto-industry growth.

Auto composites quest: One-minute cycle time?
Faced with high fuel prices and ever-more stringent restrictions on tailpipe emissions, automakers are taking composites into their own hands.

Conference highlights: Carbon Fiber 2010
For the composites professionals who gathered from every link in the carbon fiber composites supply chain at CompositesWorld’s Carbon Fiber 2010 conference (Dec. 7-9 in San Diego, Calif.) one significant development in the carbon fiber landscape colored much of the discussion at this three-day event.

Product Categories of Globe Machine Manufacturing Co.

Automated fiber placement machines
Automatic tape layers
Automatic tape laying
Automatic tape laying
Bladder molding equipment (formerly pressure bag)
Compression molding
Compression molding
Consulting, process development
Continuous laminating
Continuous laminating
Continuous laminating machines
Converting services
Diaphragm forming
Fiber placement
Fiber placement
Filament winding
Filament winding
Filament winding machines and software controls
Hand layup
Hand layup
Honeycomb structures
Kitting equipment and software
Material handling equipment
Other primary manufacturing equipment
Other thermoplastics fabricating services
Other thermoset fabricating services
Preform manufacturing equipment
Presses, compression molding
Presses, diaphragm forming
Presses, hydraulic
Presses, laminating
Presses, low-pressure
Presses, software and controls
Presses, thermoforming/pressure forming
Presses, vacuum
Pressure forming
Pressure forming
Repair services, equipment and machines
Robotic handling equipment
Welding and sealing
Welding equipment for thermoplastics