C.A. Litzler Co. Inc.

Manufactures oxidation ovens and solution-based and hot-melt prepreg systems. Oxidation ovens include a patented end-seal system. Manufactures complete vertical prepreg systems as well as ovens, unwinds, metering rolls, winders, accumulators and coaters.

4800 W 160th St.
Cleveland, OH 44135 US


As Seen In CompositesWorld

CAMX 2018 preview: C. A. Litzler
C. A. Litzler Co. Inc. (Cleveland, OH, US) is debuting its improved standard thermoplastic prepreg machines, available for water-based and solvent-based resins in various widths and fibers, for use with multiple resins systems.

Getting carbon fiber cost down
4M Carbon Fiber Corp. says its objective is to demonstrate that standard modulus carbon fiber can be made from textile grade PAN precursor using significantly less energy and in less than half the processing time, thus cutting carbon fiber manufacturing cost by about 50%. Plasma oxidation is the key.

C. A. Litzler prepreg machine

CAMX 2017 preview: C. A. Litzler
C. A. Litzler Co. Inc. (Cleveland, OH, US) is emphasizing its work on the design and manufacture of continuous process equipment for structural composites, carbon fiber production and industrial textiles.

JEC World 2017 at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

JEC World 2017 exhibit preview
JEC World will be held March 14-16 in Paris. CW previews some of the products and technologies that will be at the show.

CAMX 2016 preview: C. A. Litzler
C. A. Litzler Co. Inc. (Cleveland, OH, US) will feature its improved standard thermoplastics line.

RMX subsidiary 4M and Litzler to commercialize plasma oxidation oven
Matt Litzler, president of C.A. Litzler Co., is attending JEC World show in Paris this week to announce the partnership and is exhibiting at booth M32C.

Highlights from Carbon Fiber 2015
Carbon Fiber 2015 once again offered an engaging roster of speakers, and some eye-opening presentations.

Thermoplastic prepregging machinery
C.A. Litzler Co. Inc. (Cleveland, OH, US) revealed that it recently introduced a new machine for producing thermoplastic prepregs.

CAMX offers unprecedented new product access
CAMX 2014, Oct. 13-16 in Orlando, Fla., promises to be North America's largest ever composites trade show and conference. As a result, exhibitors are coming to the event with a wide array of new and existing materials, machinery, software and technology designed to help make composites fabrication faster, easier and more adaptable. CompositesWorld has been gathering information from CAMX exhibitors about what they will be featuring and introducing in their booths. This week's CAMX newsletter offers a preview of some of what you will find on the show floor.

SAMPE Europe 2013/JEC Europe 2013 highlights
Held concurrently, these two seminal European composites events weathered a rare Parisian snowstorm to plumb the depth and breadth of the industry.

SAMPE 2011 Long Beach Product Showcase
Huge show, huge new product offerings … huge success.

Opener - Peter Wu keynote

CompositesWorld Expo 2009 Highlights
Despite a gloomy economy, dozens of exhibitors and a motivated group of knowledge-hungry conference/show attendees brightened CWE’s second outing. 

CWE Preview 2009 - McClean Anderson

CompositesWorld Expo 2009: Product Preview
 A pre-show peek at what’s in store for CWE conference attendees and show visitors.

CGTech prod pic

CompositesWorld Expo 2009 Product Preview
Key CWE exhibitors give CT readers a preshow peek at what’s in store on the exhibit floor.

carbon fiber winders, carbon fibre

The making of carbon fiber
A look at the process by which precursor becomes carbon fiber through a careful (and mostly proprietary) manipulation of temperature and tension.

CW2008 booth

COMPOSITESWORLD Expo 2008 Showcase
The inaugural COMPOSITESWORLD Expo Conference and Exhibition draws participants from all segmentsof the industry, including many new faces.

Wisconsin Oven

COMPOSITESWORLD Expo Preshow Preview
CWExpo organizers pull aside the curtain for a sneak preview of the Expo's two keynote speakers and some new products that exhibitors will have on display in Schaumburg.

Product Categories of C.A. Litzler Co. Inc.

Primary manufacturing equipment
  • Continuous laminating machines
  • Flow-coating equipment
  • Impregnation lines
Auxiliary processing equipment, repair equipment, and supplies
  • Auxiliary processing equipment
    • Curing ovens/lamp arrays
    • Drying equipment
Fiber converting/prepreg manufacturing equipment
  • Coaters, knife-over-roll
  • Coaters, reverse roll
  • Coaters/laminators
  • Metering/dispensing equipment
  • Ovens, oxidation
  • Tensioning equipment
  • Impregnation lines
    • Impregnation lines, film-based
    • Impregnation lines, hot melt
    • Impregnation lines, solvent