Nordson launches automated cartridge dispensing system for sealants

Appears in Print as: 'METER/MIX/DISPENSE EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES Automated cartridge dispensing system for sealants'

New automated system allows for the application of pre-mixed sealant materials in aerospace assembly operations such as wing spar, panel, fuselage or aircraft door sealing.


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Nordson Corporation (Wixom, MI, US), supplier of precision technologies for ambient temperature material dispensing, announced June 28 the launch of a new automated cartridge dispensing system as an addition to its product line of aerospace manufacturing and assembly solutions from its Nordson Sealant Equipment brand.

The new robot-mounted product, named JetStream, allows for the application of pre-mixed sealant materials in assembly operations such as wing spar, panel, fuselage or aircraft door sealing, and is applied to processes such as A-dimension covering, fastener doming or small beads for joint sealing. Designed specifically for sealant dispensing applications in aerospace manufacturing, the robot mounted JetStream system features an articulating cartridge holder that opens to load and unload pre-mixed cartridges.

According to Nordson, the system reduces process time, improves accuracy and reduces material costs by automating a previously manual process. Visit www.nordson.com to learn more. 

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