Fast resin transfer molding

Cannon SpA

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Cannon SpA (Peschiera Borromeo, Italy) is emphasizing at JEC Europe 2013 ESTRIM, its molding solution for epoxy-based, fast resin transfer molding (RTM), designed for the production of automotive, leisure and sport parts. Cannon is also featuring E-System, a high-pressure metering and mixing system that is said to provide fast demolding times and good distribution of resin across the entire mold surface. In addition to a standard high-pressure injection system in closed mold, two new methods for the distribution of the epoxy resin have been developed: ESTRIM LL for liquid laydown; and ESTRIM SL for a spray application. These help reduce the specific pressure in the polymerization press, reducing the investment in clamping equipment. The new series of Cannon DX dispensing machines now includes a three-component model that will be launched at JEC. It allows for the use of two hardeners to obtain different reaction profiles.