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8/21/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: LyondellBasell

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LyondellBasell is featuring its styrene-free materials that can be sourced in forms including SMCs, BMCs and engineered structural composites.


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LyondellBasell sheet molding compound SMC electric vehicle battery case

Source | LyondellBasell


At its first CAMX this year, LyondellBasell (Houston, Texas, U.S.) is featuring its enhanced compounding portfolio, which includes styrene-free materials that can be sourced in a variety of forms including sheet molding compounds (SMC), bulk molding compounds (BMC) and engineered structural composites. The materials reportedly deliver low out gassing, reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and low odor while being simple to process, reducing overall system costs. Other characteristics are said to include premium surface appearance for a high-end look and feel, and superior mechanical and thermal properties for high-demand automotive, electronics and construction applications.

Also on display will be an electric vehicle (EV) battery tray made of Premi-Glas 1203-28, a low-shrink, high-strength SMC. Premi-Glas 1203-28 is said to deliver design flexibility, high mechanical performance, and low weight, critical characteristics for the EV market. This material reportedly allows for 3D molding with fast throughput and can be compression molded

A global plastics, chemicals and refining company, LyondellBasell's compounding portfolio includes performance brands Quantum Composites, BMCI, Premix and Tetra-DUR. The company says its products and technologies address issues such as energy storage, production and efficiency, reducing carbon footprint and weight reduction for improved performance. From materials utilizing bio-based feedstocks and recycled content to applications that are focused on addressing today’s emerging trends, the company’s solutions focus on sustainability and improving quality of life. 

CAMX 2019 Exhibitor


Exhibit Hall, Booth U69

View Showroom | Register Here


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