SGL Group develops new high-performance carbon fiber

High stiffness and strength makes SGL Group’s new material of interest for aerospace applications.


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SGL Group (Wiesbaden, Germany) announced Feb. 23 that it has developed and started serial production of an innovative carbon fiber, thus expanding its material portfolio. Bearing the name SIGRAFIL C T50-4.8/280, the new fiber is characterized by a high Young’s modulus, making it of interest for aerospace applications. Pressure vessels, drive shafts, profiles and sheet molding compounds (SMCs) are other applications, as the fiber meets high mechanical requirements due to its high stiffness and strength.

The high Young’s modulus based on a 50k fiber (50,000 individual filaments) is unique to the market. Previously, only fibers with lower numbers of filaments (e.g. 12k or 24k) achieved these high mechanical properties (4,800 MPa, 280 GPa). This classifies the new carbon fiber between standard modulus and intermediate modulus, with a property combination never exhibited before for 50k – in the “advanced modulus” range. The new fiber provides an efficiency boost during processing, helping to expand the range of applications for carbon fiber composites.

“With the new SIGRAFIL 50k carbon fiber, we can now offer aerospace industry customers attractive material solutions for various component classes,” says Andreas Erber, head of the aerospace segment in the composites – fibers and materials business unit of SGL Group.

At JEC World in Paris from March 6-8, 2018, the new carbon fiber will be presented to the public for the first time, and will then be available for delivery.