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5/14/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

SGL and Automotive Management Consulting announce cooperation to develop "xFK in 3D" technology

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SGL Sigrapreg TowPreg used in patented 3D winding process to produce lightweight, optimized composite structures with efficiency, speed and reduced waste.

Automotive Management Consulting (AMC, Penzberg, Germany)  is consulting firm 
specializing in automotive industry strategies, processes and structures. It has developed the patented xFK in 3D process which uses continuous composite fibers (e.g., carbon, glass, basalt) and 3D winding to produce lightweight, complex-shaped structures optimized for load-carrying capability.

AMC and SGL Group have worked together to use SGL Sigrapreg TowPreg products in the xFK in 3D process. SGL has contributed its in-depth knowledge and experience in fiber-reinforced composites as well as solutions and technologies for automation of component manufacturing and industrialization.

The companies exhibited carbon fiber applications including a bicycle handle bar stem, chainring and bottle holder at JEC World 2018 (Mar 6-9, Paris, France).

"With xFK in 3D, we are making a contribution that is groundbreaking for integrative and hybrid lightweight designs of the future," says AMC Managing Director Rainer Kurek. "In terms of quality, reproducibility, process speed and clean processing, SGL Group offers a
material that complements xFK in 3D extremely well," continues Kurek.

SGL’s towpregs are pre-impregnated fiber bundles of different configurations, which are wound on tubes without separating material and can then be further processed directly. Christoph Loy from the SGL’s Lightweight and Application Center (LAC, ) emphasizes that "the free choice of different fiber types and thermoset matrix systems is an outstanding advantage in order to bring xFK onto the road in 3D".

The two companies have focused on a first series product being developed for a 'high end' platform in the automotive industry.