Scorpius Space Launch Company unveils carbon fiber cryogenic high pressure tanks

SSLC’s vessels are built with carbon fiber materials and the company’s proprietary Sapphire 77 cryogenic resin system and feature anti-slosh baffles.


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Scorpius Space Launch Company (SSLC, Torrance, CA, US) introduced in Sept. its all-composite, cryogenic, high pressure tanks incorporating the company’s anti-slosh baffle technology innovation. SSLC has been making structurally strong Type V pressure vessels for a decade under the trademark PRESSURMAXX. The company is now offering carbon-fiber anti-slosh baffles integrated to the interior walls of propellant tanks, enabling rocket designs that use the propellant tanks as primary load bearing elements of the vehicle.

SSLC’s vessels can hold up to several thousand psi pressure, are compatible with all common fluids and gases used in Aerospace and cover a temperature range of -320°F to +170°F. Built with SSLC’s proprietary Sapphire 77 cryogenic resin system and carbon fiber materials, the tanks contain no metals, fasteners, welds or additional sealants.


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