Partnership promotes Hypetex colored carbon fiber materials to North American market

Massachusetts-based CompositesTech will perform sales and marketing for the Hypetex fiber reinforcement portfolio and introduce it to new customers and markets.
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Hypetex blue carbon fiber reinforcement material.

Photo Credit: CompositesTech LLC

On May 10, Hypetex (London, U.K.), a manufacturer of colored reinforcements and advanced materials, reached an agreement with CompositeTechs LLC (Amesbury, Mass., U.S.), a technical and business development leader of composite materials and services. With this partnership, CompositeTechs will perform sales and marketing for the Hypetex portfolio which consists of technical colored carbon fiber materials and other reinforcements and has been made available to the North America market.

“CompositeTechs is committed to delivering the best quality and sustainable solutions to the composites industry,” says Marc Cohen, Hypetex CEO. “Their ability to reach the right members within the community make them a great partner as we bring Hypetex advanced colored materials to North America.”

Hypetex offers carbon fiber and other reinforcements in a wide variety of colors using a water-based, environmentally friendly process that has no effect on the material’s required properties. Hypetex materials are available in a variety of colors and fiber coating attributes (i.e., UV protection and thermal emissivity) which the company says have not been previously obtainable for composites. Further, the naturally colored fiber reinforcements offer users a high 3D aesthetic straight from the mold, reducing post-processing costs.

“We are excited about this relationship with Hypetex to bring their innovative products to the North American marketplace,” says Mike Favaloro, president of CompositeTechs. “One of our major focuses has been on improving sustainability in the advanced materials industry; that includes reducing the environmental impact of the manufacturing process on local communities at a net-zero cost or cost savings, while increasing both product performance and jobs for the community. The Hypetex products, while they are manufactured using a sustainable, water-based process, also offer the same potential to our friends in North America.”

Favaloro points to the elimination of painting booths as well as processing capabilities for small to large structures while simultaneously creating an improved aesthetic surface. “Further enhancements, such as providing UV protection for aramid fibers to extend performance in outdoor environments, and managing the thermal emissivity of composite structures, are great supplements for the toolkit of composite designers,” he adds. “We are excited to be able to introduce Hypetex to both our existing and new customers and markets.”