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1/22/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Gougeon Brothers acquires Entropy Resins

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California-based Entropy Resins manufactures bio-based epoxy formulations for adhesive, coating, and composites applications.

Entropy Resins (Hayward, CA, US), a developer of bio-based epoxy formulations for adhesive, coating, and composites applications, reported on Jan. 22 that it is joining Gougeon Brothers Inc. (Bay City, MI, US), manufacturers of WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SET epoxies. This partnership will expand Entropy Resin’s line of performance epoxy systems. Founded in 2010, by brothers Desi and Rey Banatao, Entropy Resins gained acceptance in sporting goods, advanced composites and building materials, by helping manufacturers reduce the carbon footprint of their products through the use of renewable, sustainably sourced feedstocks.

Entropy Resins reports that it was the first epoxy formulator to exclusively design its products to maximize bio-based, renewable ingredients. It also reportedly pioneered the use of the USDA’s BioPreferred labeling program to quantify the use of rapidly renewable feedstocks. Entropy extended this definition of sustainability through the use of Life Cycle Analysis so that users and manufacturers can fully evaluate the benefits of bio-based epoxy systems in their products and in turn, how those products will affect the environment.

“We are extremely excited about this partnership as it allows Entropy Resins to lean on years of expertise in the epoxy industry to significantly improve our customer experience and reach a much wider audience,” Desi Banatao, co-founder and CEO of Entropy, says. “We feel the Entropy Resins brand is a strong fit with both WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SET as we share common goals of creating unique value for the customer and a commitment to quality.”

Located in Bay City since opening its doors in 1969, Gougeon’s WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SET epoxy products are among industry leaders for composite construction and repair. Gougeon formulates epoxies that are used in boatbuilding, high-tech aircraft and spacecraft.

“We are very pleased to welcome Desi Banatao and Entropy Resins into the Gougeon Brothers family,” says Alan Gurski, president and CEO of Gougeon Brothers Inc. “Over the last decade we have admired them as they grew from a great idea into a best-in-class bio-based epoxy brand. We share their values of high-performance products and long-term sustainability. Like us, they are energetically customer focused. We look forward to providing the needed infrastructure and customer support to take Entropy Resins to the next level. As the composites industry grows, sustainability and product life cycle will play a huge role. Likewise, a closer partnership with Rey Banatao and Connora Technologies will help to bring their groundbreaking recyclable thermoset chemistries to a broader market.”


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