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9/13/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Eagle Aviation Technologies to expand manufacturing facility

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The expansion to the Newport News, Va., U.S. facility, worth an investment of more than $200,000, will add production equipment and 75 new jobs.


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Eagle Aviation Technologies LLC composites manufacturing facility

The company's Newport News, Va., U.S. facility. Source | Eagle Aviation Technologies LLC


Eagle Aviation Technologies LLC (Newport News, Va., U.S.), specialist in composites design and fabrication, will invest $207,500 to expand its Newport News manufacturing facility, adding new production equipment at the operation and creating 75 new jobs.

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with the City of Newport News to secure the project for Virginia and will support Eagle Aviation Technologies’ job creation through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP). 

Sikorsky composite mockup of X2 aircraft

A composite mockup for a Sikorsky X2 aircraft, a project for which Eagle Aviation Technologies LLC was the prime contractor. Source | Eagle Aviation Technologies LLC

Eagle Aviation Technologies LLC engages in the concept development, design, analysis, manufacture and testing of prototype systems and components for the aviation, space and marine industries. Founded in 2009, the company currently employs 75 in Virginia and says it is experiencing growth due to the expansion and diversification of its business client portfolio.

“Eagle Aviation Technologies LLC is proud to work with Governor [Ralph] Northam, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and City of Newport News staff on this program. The Virginia Jobs Investment Program is a tool we can use to help grow our business and provide good-paying jobs to the local community. We are thankful these programs exist for growing small businesses in the Commonwealth of Virginia,” says Mia Copeland, VP of contracts and administration at Eagle Aviation Technologies LLC.

“As Chairman of the Aerospace Advisory Committee, I am thrilled that Eagle Aviation Technologies’ expansion will bring 75 new jobs to our community,” says Delegate David Yancey. “It is projects like these, in addition to the STEM education that we have been focusing on, that will help provide 21st-century jobs for the young people of the City of Newport News.”


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