Life Before Carbon Fiber: Why Boron Fiber is Still Relevant as a Composite Reinforcement

May 20, 2020

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There is little doubt that the composites business would not be what it is today without the maturation of carbon fiber products used in aerospace and industrial applications. But that does not change the reality that boron fiber got the aerospace industry started with high performance composites. With that, it seems only fair to look at the fiber that started it all, and to understand why boron is still relevant to today's composite industry. Did you know that there is no alternative to Boron where a design requires a high-specific compressive strength or high stability under cyclic thermal loading?

Primary Topics:

  • Properties of boron fiber and composites made from boron fiber
  • Technology readiness level of boron-based products and applications
  • Manufacturing of boron fiber
  • Optimizing composite performance by combining boron and carbon fibers

Monica Rommel
Chief Executive Officer, Specialty Materials
Monica Rommel is an innovator and entrepreneur with 35 years of leadership in composites materials. Prior to her acquisition of Specialty Materials, Ms. Rommel was a senior scientist with L3Harris where she conceived, developed, and executed technology focused programs aimed at improving the performance of electro-optical imaging systems and radio frequency antennas. She supported critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance programs as a subject matter expert in composites. Ms. Rommel also worked for Northrop Grumman where she led composite materials development for the NASA High Speed Civil Transport program and managed a technology demonstrator program for the Joint Strike Fighter program.