CW Talks: Talking carbon nanotubes

CW Talks: The Composites Podcast, checks in with Joe Sprengard, president and CEO of General Nano, a manufacturer of carbon nanotube products for composites manufacturing, and 2016 winner of Boeing Supplier of the Year Award.
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General Nano Veelo material

General Nano’s Veelo carbon fiber nanotube material.

The latest episode of CW Talks: The Composites Podcast features an interview with Joe Sprengard, president and CEO of nanomaterials specialist General Nano. Sprengard offers his insight on the role of carbon nanotubes in today’s composites manufacturing environment and how they might be applied in the future.

General Nano was named a Boeing Supplier of the Year in the Technology Category in 2016, for work the company did with Boeing in 2015. Sprengard talks about the award and the carbon nanotubes technology his company developed that helped the firm gain footing with Boeing.

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General Nano receives Boeing Supplier of the Year Award

Dave Furdek (Boeing), Larry Christy (General Nano), Joe Sprengard (General Nano), Chaminda Jayasinghe (General Nano), Stephen Heinz (formerly Boeing, now Solvay/Cytec) at Boeing’s Supplier of the Year Award ceremony in 2016.


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