Newer surfacing films reduce surface on demolded composite parts

A wide variety of products reduces finishing costs in many applications.
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Composites combat ready in UCAVs

As unmanned aircraft are designed from inception for combat duty, composites will carry the payloads in structural components.
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Advances in sizings and surface treatments for carbon fibers

As carbon reinforcements find new applications, unfamiliar processes and resin systems make sizing and treatment surprisingly hot topics.
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Composite rib structure for Airbus A380 vertical tail

Fabricator exceeds Airbus performance requirements with hand layed rib truss structure for A380.
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Automated RTM process optimizes cost reduction in VW automotive plant

Efficient production of VW T5 transporter roofs allows ten-year price guarantee.
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Liquid Composite Molding Achieves Aerospace Quality

Improvements in materials, tooling and process control bring RTM and VARTM into the realm of aerospace components.
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Airbus A340 carbon composite spoiler made with RTM

When FACC AG (Ried, Austria) contracted to fabricate a demonstration composite replacement part for a highly stressed aluminum spoiler center fitting on the Airbus A340-600, the company wanted to use resin transfer molding (RTM) because the part's complex shape would be difficult to produce consistently and
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New Approaches To Cost-effective Tooling

New methods, materials and philosophies add up to tooling innovations.
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Complex Composites Lighten Nato Copter

Dutch consortium develops advanced composite critical landing gear that meets NH90 helicopter performance requirements.
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Glass Fibers

Downhole Composites Boost Durability, Drillability

    Halliburton Energy Services, Schlumberger Oilfield Services, Weatherford International, and Baker Oil Tools, all based in Houston, Texas (U.S.A.), offer composite downhole tools — made with both thermoplastics and thermoset resins — for a variety of applications.     Halliburton’s FasDrill packers and plugs
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