Carbon Fibers

Don’t call it a blimp!

The builders of this variable-buoyancy craft count on carbon fiber/epoxy trusswork to enable a new era of air transport.
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Carbon Fibers

Composites the clear choice in telecom tower rehabs

Tower permit difficulties spur repairs/upgrades of aging steel structures.
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Sea lion exhibit: Pultrusions renew seaside aquatic show venue

When Hurricane Sandy devastated the New Jersey and New York City coastline, Strongwell Corp. (Bristol, Va.) pultruded new bleachers and decking for the New York Aquarium's storm-ravaged Aqua Theater on Coney Island.
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Polyurethane pultrusion: Next-gen equipment

Two years ago, Martin Pultrusion Group (MPG, Oakwood Village, Ohio) finalized the design of a next-generation pultrusion machine and has developed a proprietary direct injection box design for high-pressure pultrusion of polyurethane composites.
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Pultruding polyurethane: Sheet pilings break boundaries

High-pressure pultrusion process creates polyurethane composite sheet pile system with the strength and stiffness to compete with steel.
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Fire destroys window/door pultruder’s plant

Pultruder Omniglass Ltd.’s manufacturing facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba was destroyed by fire in January of this year.

Glass Fibers

Pultruded windows: Rising high?

New pultrudable glass fiber/resin formulations enable window manufacturers to break in to commercial architecture and build market share in residential construction.
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A hidden revolution: composite rebar gains strength

Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) replacing coated steel in more reinforced-concrete applications.
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Small wind gets big

Massive growth, complex blade designs reopen challenging market in wind energy niche.
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New filament to make composites "smart"

CW Conferences director Scott Stephenson premiers a showcase for new ideas overheard at CW Conferences.
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