Best practices in the CNC machining of composites

Machining composite materials is a challenging task. Proper tool selection, machine settings and process innovations help make it manageable.
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Fraunhofer IPT automates production of thermoplastic CFRP engine fan blades

Successful first demonstrations on 16-mm-thick CF/PA12 to be followed by CF/PEEK tapes and embedded sensors for structural health monitoring (SHM).


Fraunhofer IFAM automates pre-assembly of CFRP fuselage frames

Positioning and drilling end effector for automated, high-precision and quality-assured pre-assembly developed with Airbus in German-funded “Tempo” sub-project.


Carbon fiber windsurf fin incorporates Sicomin bio-based epoxy resin

Sicomin GreenPoxy 33 meets high-performance windsurfing fins requirements, accommodating significant loads, high torsion stiffness and flexibility.
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Compression Molding

SourceBook 2021

Welcome to the online SourceBook, the counterpart to CompositesWorld's annually published print SourceBook composites industry buyer's guide.
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Using sensor data to improve composite parts and processes

nebumind software builds digital twins from manufacturing data to trace defects, compare manufactured parts, qualify processes, develop tolerance windows for process monitoring and more.


CRP Technology produces composite sensor housing box

Commissioned by IMAL s.r.l., CRP applied its carbon fiber-reinforced Windform XT 2.0 material, which retains an 8% increase in tensile strength and 22% increase in tensile modulus. 


CAMX 2020 exhibit preview: Fibreworks and Composite Factory

Fibreworks Composites and sister company Composite Factory highlight their capabilities for building complex composite structures.

Carbon Fibers

High-rate, automated aerospace RTM line delivers next-gen spoilers

At Spirit AeroSystem’s Prestwick facility in Scotland, a glimpse of the future of aerocomposites manufacturing in a resin transfer molding line for A320 spoilers.
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Siemens, Comau offer integrated robot/CNC control solution

The jointly offered system enables Comau robot kinematics to be fully integrated into a Siemens CNC system.
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