Allied Composite Technologies LLC

3128 Walton Blvd., MS 236
Rochester Hills , MI 48309 US


As Seen In CompositesWorld

Composite rebar strengthens riverbed “catfish houses”
Basalt-reinforced polyester rebar eliminates rust and spalling and extends the useful life of concrete catfish spawning and habitat units in Chicago River environmental restoration effort.

The rise of Man Camps
Composites also are transforming the temporary, transportable housing market. A recent example is the Man Camp concept — efficient, portable, modular housing manufactured with composite walls, floors and roofs and marketed by TekModo LLC (Elkhart, Ind.) and partner firm Allied Composite Technologies (ACT, Rochester Hills, Mich.).

Small wind: Green energy gets greener
Kilowatt-rated vertical axis wind turbines supply green electric power where utility-scale turbines can’t.

Product Categories of Allied Composite Technologies LLC

Armor, composite
Automotive, body panels & substructures
Automotive, interior (seats, IPCs, floor panels, etc.)
Automotive, underhood
Continuous laminating
Fiber placement
Infrastructure, composite
Laminate panels, with core
Laminate sheets, solid
Marine, other
Pressure forming
Product design