Acrolab Ltd.

A thermal engineering solutions company. For almost 70 years we have been a custom solution provider for various industrial manufacturers, from consumer and defense electronics to plastics, rubber and composite processors, in all areas of manufacturing.

7475 Tranby Ave.
Windsor, ON N8S 2B7 CA

Additional Locations:
7475 Tranby Ave.
Windsor, ON N8S 2B7 CA

1423 Franklin St.
Detroit, MI 48207 US


As Seen In CompositesWorld

CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Acrolab Ltd.
Acrolab Ltd. is highlighting its Isobar thermal conductors, which are able to transfer large amounts of energy at high speeds in both heating and cooling applications.

SPE's ACCE 2010 Highlights
The Society of Plastics Engineers’ Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition completed its first decade with a stellar slate of keynotes and papers.

Composites 2010 Product Showcase
The ACMA’s Las Vegas exhibition reflected an industry in recovery.

Nida-Core prod photo

CompositesWorld Expo 2009 Product Showcase
 Despite economic gloom, CWE’s second outing attracts innovation-rich exhibitors and a very motivated group of knowledge-hungry showgoers.

Opener - Peter Wu keynote

CompositesWorld Expo 2009 Highlights
Despite a gloomy economy, dozens of exhibitors and a motivated group of knowledge-hungry conference/show attendees brightened CWE’s second outing. 

CWE Preview 2009 - McClean Anderson

CompositesWorld Expo 2009: Product Preview
 A pre-show peek at what’s in store for CWE conference attendees and show visitors.

McClean Anderson's Tabletop Filament Winding Machine

The inaugural COMPOSITESWORLD Expo Conference and Exhibition draws participants from all segments of the industry, including many new faces.

Product Categories of Acrolab Ltd.

Primary manufacturing equipment
  • LFRT compounding/molding machinery
  • Pultrusion equipment, thermoplastics
  • Pultrusion equipment, thermosets
  • Reaction injection molding equipment (RIM, RRIM, SRIM)
  • Resin transfer molding equipment (RTM)
  • Rotational molding equipment
  • Presses
    • Presses, compression molding
    • Presses, hydraulic
    • Presses, injection Molding
    • Presses, laminating
    • Presses, low-pressure
    • Presses, software and controls
    • Presses, superplastic forming
    • Presses, thermoforming/pressure forming
    • Presses, vacuum
Tools/tooling materials
  • Other tools/tooling materials
  • Tools
    • Integrally heated
    • Prototype
    • Pultrusion dies
    • RTM/resin infusion
    • Resin injection
    • Composite
      • Composite, other
  • Mandrels
    • Mandrels, aluminum
    • Mandrels, steel
    • Mandrels, other
  • Tooling equipment, materials and supplies
    • Backup structures
Auxiliary processing equipment, repair equipment, and supplies
  • Auxiliary processing equipment
    • Curing ovens/lamp arrays
    • Furnaces
    • Heaters
    • Ovens
    • Process controls
    • Resin injection equipment, pultrusion
    • Temperature control devices
    • Other auxiliary equipment
  • Composite repair equipment
    • Heaters
  • Supplies
    • Heat tapes
    • Cleaners
      • Cleaners, surfactants
Testing, gauging, monitoring, analytical equipment and software
  • Cure-monitoring equipment
  • Temperature monitoring equipment
  • Thermal analysis instruments
  • Other testing equipment
Design, testing, consulting, other services
  • Consulting
    • Consulting, process development