Total Composite Solutions (TCS) launches epoxy prepreg solution for aerospace



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Total Composite Solutions (TCS) Ltd (Havant, U.K.) introduces its epoxy prepreg solution to the aerospace interiors sector. The material range developed and manufactured by Microtex Composites Srl (Prato, Italy), TCS’s prepreg partner, are said to enable substitution of traditional phenolic systems for this material, while exceeding the requirements of industry standard FAR 25.853.

Advantages are said to include improved finished part quality, reductions in potential rework and resulting commercial or supply chain gains in manufacturing. The material can also be oven cured, enabling flexibility for manufacturing large structures without autoclave curing. All test properties achieved to date, the company says, have been produced from oven-cured laminates. The company sees potential for this material to be used for lighter weight structures with enhanced fire performance properties.