Temperature control system enables individual heater control

BriskHeat’s LYNX Temperature Control System is a modular PID temperature control system that controls up to 1,024 zones.


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temperature control system

Source | BriskHeat


BriskHeat’s (Columbus, Ohio, U.S.) LYNX Temperature Control System is a modular PID temperature control system that controls up to 1,024 zones, and is designed for use with composites curing and other industries.

Each heater can be individually controlled and monitored using the LYNX system, ensuring that users know each unit’s performance status, which is indicated through a large full-color touchscreen interface, indicator lights, remote monitoring and email alerts.

The LYNX Operator Interface controls up to eight lines of connected temperature control modules with up to 128 modules per line, up to 1,024 heaters, with user-configurable graphical mapping and naming to match the customer’s application and facility. It features global and individual programming with the menu-driven interface.

The compact temperature control module can be used as a free-standing unit for use with any of BriskHeat’s heaters up to 7 amps. It features three-button programming and a highly visible status indicator light, and can communicate to other systems using Modbus.

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