Portable digital PID temperature controller earns cULAS and CE approvals

Appears in Print as: 'Digital PID temperature controller'

BriskHeat’s SDX digital PID temperature controller is designed for high accuracy in a portable, tabletop controller.


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BriskHeat controller

Source | BriskHeat


BriskHeat (Columbus, Ohio, U.S.), a provider of flexible heating, insulating and temperature control solutions, has announced cULAS and CE approvals on its portable SDX digital PID temperature controller. UL approval has been granted for the United States and Canada.

The SDX is said to enhance accuracy, showing both set-point and actual temperature. Designed for high-quality in a tabletop controller, its small size eases setup, and its universal voltage ranges from 100 – 240 VAC with a 15-amp relay. Users can choose between Type-J or Type-K thermocouples or RTD temperature sensors.

The controller provides accurate PID control across a wide temperature range to regulate cloth and silicone heating blankets, tapes and cables, jackets and heating mantles. Applications include research and development, laboratory testing, food processing, emulsifying cosmetic components, industrial heating and drying, adhesive curing, gas handling, viscosity control and freeze protection, for the composites industry, plastics industry and more.