CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: JiangSu TiWin Composites Co.

Appears in Print as: 'Prepreg, fabrics and composite parts'

JiangSu TiWin Composites Co. Ltd. develops composites technology both for equipment and products including prepreg, fabrics and composite parts.
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Source | Changzhou SR Tech Co. Ltd.

JiangSu TiWin Composites Co. Ltd.(TiWin, Jiangsu province, China), develops composites technology both for equipment and products and consists of two subsidiaries, Chanzhou SR Tech Co. Ltd. (SR) and TiWin.

SR is an equipment developer and manufacturer for PAN creel, carbon weaving lines, prepreg lines, cross lapping lines for UD material and customized solutions. 

TiWin produces world class prepreg, carbon fabric, hybrid fabric, thermoplastic prepreg, 3D products, other medial materials and composites parts by using first-class equipment manufactured by SR.