Ashland launches new Derakane resin

Appears in Print as: 'THERMOSET RESINS & ADHESIVE SYSTEMS Renewed version of legacy epoxy vinyl ester'

New resin improves manufacturing efficiencies and lowers emissions with an innovative styrene suppressant technology while maintaining the performance of the legacy Derakane lines.
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Ashland (Dublin, OH, US) announced April 11 it has launched Derakane Signia resins. The new formula has an undeniable detection system to verify the integrity of designs wherever corrosion-resistant fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) pipes and tanks are specified.

“We can go to a finished pipe or tank and test a portion to determine whether or not Derakane Signia was used in that pipe/tank,” says Sandy Derthick, global marketing manager of Composites for Ashland. “Signia is the first resin that has this ability.”

The benefit is that an engineer who specs Derakane Signia for the integrity of their project can easily test and verify the resin’s use. 

The new resins are built on the same backbone as the legacy Derakane lines and continue to offer the same corrosion resistance and mechanical properties with better processing.

For decades, design engineers and end users have specified Ashland Derakane resins for FRP piping and tanks, in safety-critical markets like chemical processing, air pollution control, mineral processing and water treatment. Derakane Signia brings innovation to the corrosion industry by maintaining reliable chemical performance while enhancing the product workability.

Additional features of Derakane Signia improve manufacturing efficiencies and lower emissions with an innovative styrene suppressant technology. The resins are formulated to provide a no-prep surface, increased secondary bonding and reduced gassing for faster consolidation and less processing time and labor. Reduced odor and less dust help provide a better overall work environment for employees, and a longer shelf life allows Derakane Signia resins to maintain workability for an extended timeframe.

“With the launch of Derakane Signia, Ashland demonstrates its continued commitment to this market with a product that delivers additional benefits to our customers and end-users. Our team of experts, with a combined industry experience of more than 200 years, have developed something that raises the bar in the industry,” says Andrew Miller, commercial director, Composites.

Ashland’s solvers will be available to answer questions at the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) 2018 show, April 15-19 at booth 339.


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