Veelo Technologies enhances composite solid rocket motors for tactical missiles systems

Veelo will incorporate its VeeloVEIL and VeeloSTRIKE composite protection materials to help the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division achieve their weight and performance objectives.


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Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division badge

Photo Credit: Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

It was reported on Dec. 22 that the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD, China Lake, Calif., U.S.) has contracted General Nano, LLC (Veelo Technologies, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.) to enhance the performance of traditional graphite epoxy composite tactical missile solid rocket motor cases. The purpose of the project is to improve high structural loading, high aerothermal, electromagnetic environmental effects (E3) and lightning strike protection requirements of surface-launched tactical missile systems.

To meet project requirements, Veelo Technologies will leverage its proprietary composite protection materials, VeeloVEIL and VeeloSTRIKE. Both advanced materials solutions were developed for next-generation composite platforms and have demonstrated the ability to meet multiple electromagnetic effects requirements in one solution, includng lightning strike protection, electromagnetic (EMI) shielding and survivability. Additionally, Veelo’s materials are said to be significantly lighter than incumbent systems. NAWCWD notes that weight savings is a premium value for tactical missiles and space applications.

“Veelo Technologies is honored to partner with the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division and other leading companies in the composite solid rocket motor supply chain to execute this contract,” the company adds. “The rocket propulsion market is experiencing tremendous growth, and we are pleased that our composite protection materials will help our customers achieve their weight and performance objectives.”