Surface Generation molding technology selected for Victrex parts-based programs

Surface Generation’s Production to Functional Specification (PtFS) technology manages multiple part areas during processing and drive reductions in the energy consumption, injection processing pressures and cycle times. 
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Victrex (Thornton Cleveleys, U.K.) has invested in PtFS (Production to Functional Specification) tooling design and processing technology, from Surface Generation (Rutland, U.K.). The investment is aimed at supporting Victrex’s increasing commercialization of its parts-based mega-programs.

Surface Generation’s technology uses patented hardware and proprietary software, to actively manage multiple part areas during processing and drive reductions in the energy consumption, injection processing pressures and cycle times required to make complex material and part combinations. Victrex’s goal for investing in the technology is to enable customers access to produce more complex parts that may have limitations from traditional tooling designs used in injection or compression molding due to heating and cooling profiles of existing techniques in the tools.

“This investment with Surface Generation provides Victrex with an opportunity to finesse unique and potentially breakthrough manufacturing techniques,” says Jakob Sigurdsson, CEO at Victrex. “We believe that the advantages of PtFS processing, where crucial controls can be applied to temperature levels in real time in the tool, could be a major advancement for our parts programs, such as medical or automotive gears and potentially in aerospace composite solutions. At Victrex, we are very excited about the wide range of potential benefits that could result from PtFS.”

The agreement with Surface Generation is in line with Victrex’s strategy of continued investment in its mega-programs, parts portfolio offering new and innovative disruptive technologies that not only extend the company’s capabilities as a material solutions provider but also complement Victrex’s wider technology offering to its customers. Victrex has invested a small equity stake in Surface Generation, alongside the ability to utilize the technology.

“At Surface Generation we are focused on using PtFS based processing techniques to transform manufacturing with advanced high-performance materials, resulting in improved parts with less waste,” says Ben Halford, CEO at Surface Generation. “We look forward to working with Victrex, a global leader in PAEK polymers, with decades of acquired expertise and market access. High-performance polymers are revolutionizing design in a number of application areas, across multiple industries, offering the opportunity to replace metals and consolidate optimized parts.”