Scm Group, Cms recognized for Emilia 4 solar car contributions

The Italian Emilia 4 team was greeted on June 30 by the Italian Consulate in Chicago, IL, US as they prepare to represent Europe in the American Solar Challenge.


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Scm Group (Duluth, GA, US) and Cms (Zogno, Italy) were recognized on June 30 by the Italian Consulate in Chicago, IL, US for their contributions to the Emilia 4 solar car as it prepares to represent Europe at the American Solar Challenge July 14-22. Leading up to the event Emilia 4 is traveling from Chicago to Nebraska, competing against other solar-driven vehicles developed by high-ranking US universities.

The Emilia 4 was created by the Onda Solare (Solar Wave) team within the University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy), with Scm Group and Cms as principal industrial partners involved in the design and manufacturing phases. The Cms Advanced Materials division, known for processing composites and aluminum for the automotive and aerospace industries played an important role in machining the molds for producing the car's carbon-fiber body.