Sartomer launches in-house electron beam labs for EB curing

The electron beam lab units are meant to enable customers to develop and test EB curing formulations on a small scale using Sartomer’s advanced liquid resin solutions.


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Sartomer (Exton, Penn., U.S.), a business line of Arkema, has launched in-house electron beam (EB) labs with equipment to enable customers to develop and test innovative EB curing formulations on a small scale using Sartomer’s advanced liquid resin solutions. The company has recently installed EB lab units — standalone, compact, simple-to-use electron accelerators — in its France and U.S. R&D centers. A third installation is planned for its Asia operations.

According to Sartomer, EB curing is a green technology with low VOC emissions and no solvent waste. The company says that demand for EB-curable materials is growing for many applications including coatings, inks and adhesives. EB curing also is a highly productive process because it enables high-speed processing. Because it does not require heat, it is ideal for sensitive substrates. Moreover, EB curing does not require the use of photoinitiators, which minimizes migration.

“The EB laboratory installations fortify Sartomer’s commitment to providing the most advanced liquid resin solutions and R&D services to customers around the world,” says Doug Sharp, president and CEO of Sartomer USA. “This investment also enables us to help prospective customers looking to use EB curing in existing applications or test proof of concept of new ideas.”

“The addition of the EB lab units is part of our dedication to working with our customers to find the best and most efficient curing systems,” says Frédéric Taché, market manager, coatings, adhesives & chemical intermediates, Sartomer Europe-ARKEMA Group. “EB curing is a clean technology that enables high-quality finished products, and we’re excited to offer customers the ability to expand their range of applications and give them a leading competitive edge in the marketplace.”