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Rock West Composites expands filament winding operations

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The company added new filament winders, a long-length oven, and additional manufacturing space.

Rock West Composites (RWC, West Jordan, Utah, U.S.) has announced the acquisition of new equipment and manufacturing space as it expands its filament winding operations. RWC expanded into a third manufacturing bay at their building, adding 20,000 square feet of space. Additions include two new winders and an oven to accommodate large parts. The equipment allows for the production of extra-long part lengths and large diameter tubes, plus additional manufacturing capacity. 

The new winders include a TITAN-1-4-8M-FLEX filament winder, which is complemented by 60 new mandrels. The machine adds the capability to wind tubes up to 22 feet long and up to 30 inches in diameter, and is setup for tow-preg winding. The company has also scheduled the installation of a new six-spindle winder.

RWC has also recently expanded its stock products to include a wider selection of large diameter filament wound tubing. 

“We are always looking ahead to anticipate customer needs,” says Tom Preece, VP Business Development and Marketing. “There is a definite need for this capability among many industries, so we are investing for the future.”


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