PolyOne acquires PlastiComp

PolyOne Corporation has announced the acquisition of PlastiComp, manufacturer of advanced engineered materials and specialty composites.
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PolyOne Corporation (Avon Lake, OH, US), global provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions announced June 1 the acquisition of PlastiComp (Winona, MN, US), an advanced engineered materials innovator and producer of specialty composites.

Founded in 2003 by industry veteran and composite pioneer Stephen Bowen, PlastiComp has steadily grown through its ability to replace metal and lightweight products with long fiber technology (LFT) composite formulations. Inherent benefits of LFT-based materials include high strength and stiffness, design freedom, fatigue endurance, corrosion and wear resistance, EMI shielding and recyclability.

Through its Complēt product lines and design capabilities, the company serves global customers in a wide-range of applications, including medical devices, robots and drones, marine and outdoor high performance equipment. PlastiComp’s 50 employees and its design and production facility in Winona, MN, US join PolyOne as part of the Specialty Engineered Materials segment.


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